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Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching & Wellness, LLC 

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Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching and Wellness, LLC 



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Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching and Wellness, LLC 



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Life is Hard…BUT…Life is Good!

WHEW...glad we got that out of the way…

Thank-you so much for stopping by…I’d like to tell you a story!

I left home at 18…Moved from Michigan to Tennessee…My plan...was to do something AMAZING…

Ego…said, “You are special, you have it going on!”

The American Dream as defined for me, by "society" was

how I was going to LIVE!

The Dream was…school, career, husband, children…and this, would equal HAPPY!

So…I did it! Four degrees…stair stepped the work ladder…got married…had children and waited to FEEL the dream!


I NEVER felt it!

However, in societies eyes…I was a major success!

As time went on, I realized that when I looked in the mirror… I didn’t see, “Me”!

I asked myself, “Who are you? What do you want?

And…I remember not being able to give myself an honest answer...  

…and guess what?…it was then that I realized that I was living life from the inside of a MIRROR, wearing a MASK, that looked like my OWN face…

…It was that moment I knew something had to change...

Hello… I am Dr. J.Dowling Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Relationship Specialist.

I support individuals who want to realign with the most authentic version of themselves! I use an array of holistic, self-development and transformational strategies to support individuals in the healing of themselves.


1. Would learning the steps to create the best version of yourself be beneficial?

2.  Do you know the steps you need to take to become this version?

3. Are you willing invest in yourself?

If you answered "YES" to any of those questions...

<"Claim Your Free E-Book">

Begin your FREE journey to healing!

"You must go THROUGH the issue
to Heal IT...
You cannot go around IT...
There are NO shortcuts..."

Dr. J.Dowling


Online Meditation
Romantic Walk in Sunset

Life Coaching Session (Zoom or Phone)

As a ICF Certified Transformational Life Coach Dr. J.Dowling assists men and women in becoming better versions of themselves through holist healing methods such as shadow work, meditation and mirror work.  

Spiritual Coaching (Zoom or Phone)

As an ICF Certified Spiritual Coach

Dr. J.Dowling assists men and women as they navigate the Spiritual Awakening process.

Relationship Coaching (Zoom or Phone)

 As a relationship expert Dr. J.Dowling teaches couples tools and strategies that can be used to become more successful within their current or future relationships.


Dr. Dowling is simply an amazing human. She has an ability to see things in other people and get to the root of their thoughts, issues ad feelings. I worked with a few therapist in my journey but she has been the best due to her innate ability to instantly see things or understand what others don't. She asks the right questions to help you get your healing She helped me uncover blockage to refuse myself to grow my business along with healing her trauma. I am happy I met her along my journey. 

Krystal J.

Sleep Paralysis is a real thing that people suffer from. I am one of those people. I never knew why I suffered from it until I met with  Dr. J.Dowling for a Life Coaching Session. This was an eye opening session. It's amazing how we can put so much unwanted pressure on ourselves without realizing it. Self-care is very important. If you suffer from sleep paralysis or need spiritual healing, reach out to her and I promise you will begin to feel better immediately. 

Kristie H.

If God sends you Dr. Dowling, get ready!!! She really is a master educator and life coach with a true connection. I've always waned a teacher, and was blessed to be send her at Divine timing. I coulc not recommend her more! I'm honored to call her my first teacher. Be an ANOMALY y'all!

Tashia S. 

Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching and Wellness, LLC 



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