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Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching & Wellness, LLC 


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Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching and Wellness, LLC 

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Dr. J.Dowling

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Dr. J.Dowling


Dr. Dowling is simply an amazing human. She has an ability to see things in other people and get to the root of their thoughts, issues ad feelings. I worked with a few therapist in my journey but she has been the best due to her innate ability to instantly see things or understand what others don't. She asks the right questions to help you get your healing. She helped me uncover blockage to refuse myself to grow my business along with healing her trauma. I am happy I met her along my journey. 

Krystal J.

Dr. J.Dowling is anointed and highly favored. She has touched, moved and inspired me in my life. She has literally assisted me to get my life back on track and has opened my eyes, to what I could not see. I now have a whole new world; I have tapped into.

She is divine, she is a living example of the true light energy. If you want clarity, direction, miracles, abundance, joy, peace and divine love. The search is over, she is the one, who will assist you to whatever you want for yourself and your life.

My life will never be the same. I am forever altered and grateful to God for blessing me with his anointed ANGEL.

Disclaimer, you must be willing to for the work, and live a life of integrity. You get what you put in. Give 100%, you ger 100%.


Dr. Dowling was presented to my life in a time when I believed everything that mattered was lost to me.  Dr. Dowling has coached, counseled and guided me for over a year.  Her intuitive awareness and ability to understand the language of loss and inner struggle made space for me to understand the things I couldn’t put into words.  Her professional knowledge and empathy supported the evolution of my own awareness and clarity.  More so, she connected me to my own truth and acceptance.  I am eternally grateful.


Anomaly 324 ~ Coaching and Wellness, LLC 



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