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Dr. J.Dowling's Why!

After experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, Dr. J.Dowling was shifted into her life purpose and is now an ICF Certified Life Coach. As a Coach, she assists others in becoming a better version of themselves, by creating individual self-development coaching plans that include strategies such as meditation, mirror work, coach modeling and intensive one on one coaching sessions. She also a Certified Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Spiritual Doctor who uses her intuitive gifts to heal others from the inside out.  

She is the founder of the 501c3, Fearless Ladies Who Rise, Incorporated High School Sorority and owner of Anomaly 324 ~ Life Coaching and Wellness, LLC. Dr. J.Dowling is a devoted mother and child of God who prides herself on operating within the fullness of Lovingkindness. 


She believes that,”If ye be willing and obedient, Ye will eat the good of the Land” (Isaiah 1:19-20), and that to live a life of purpose one must simply, “Take the First Step.”

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