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Transformational Life Coaching (Zoom or Phone) assists men and women in becoming better versions of themselves through nontraditional holistic healing methods such as: shadow work, meditation, breathwork and intensive coaching plans. The goal of Transformational Coaching is to: 1.) Realign individuals with themselves, 2.) Provide awareness to the direction of change, and 3.) Create a plan of action to move forward in creating a new reality. 

Spiritual Coaching & Advising (Zoom or Phone) assists men and women as they navigate the Spiritual Awakening process. This coaching allows individuals to walk at a comfortable pace to gain spiritual insight and grow from within. The goal of spiritual coaching is to learn how to look beyond what is seen and see the unseen which assist individuals in walking into their "Divine Purpose". 

Relationship Coaching (Zoom or Phone) is designed to: 1.) Prepare couples as they begin to discuss the possibly of marriage, 2.) Heal marriages that have suffered from infidelities & mistrust, and 3.) Provide couples with coping strategies that can be used to create a better life for themselves and their significant other. 

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